Water Crisis in Delhi

Carrier Lined Channel (CLC), Delhi Sub Branch (DSB), Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Hathnikund barrage, Uppe…

Raising Heat Stress

Relative Humidity, Urban Heat Island, Heat Index, UPSC

Heatwaves in India

Anti-Cyclone, Heat Dome, El Nino, Urban Heat Island, Evapotranspiration, National Disaster Managemen…

Impacts of warming of Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Warm Pool, Net Primary Production, Indian Ocean Dipole, Marine Heatwaves, Cyclone, UPSC

Dubai Flood

Cloud Seeding, Mesoscale Convective System, Hygroscopic Cloud Seeding, Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding, Va…

Extreme December rainfall in Tamil Nadu

Annual Rainfall in Tamil Nadu, Variation in Rainfall, Rainfall share in Tamil Nadu, December Rainfal…

Arctic Report Card 2023

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Feedback Loops, Greenland Ice Sheet, Mendenhall gla…

Coastline Erosion

National Center for Coastal Erosion, Hydraulic Action, Abrasion, Attrition, Solution, Integrated Coa…

South Asia: Climate Migration Hotspot

Climate migration, climate refugees, loss and damage finance, COP27 of UNFCCC

Banning short-haul domestic flights

Short-haul domestic flights, Aviation emissions, CORSIA, Carbon offsetting



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