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AI in Drug Development

Druggable Proteins, Alpha Fold, RoseTTAFold, AlphaFold 3, RoseTTAFold All-Atom, UPSC

Impact of US-China Trade War

Anti-Dumping Duty, Electric Vehicle Sector, China Plus One, UPSC

Technological Absorption in Defence Sector

Disruptive Technology (DT), iDEX, DISC, Defence AI Council, Defence AI Project Agency, Project SAMBH…

Sundarbans Wildfire

Ground Fires, Crown Fires, Bhola River, Sunderbans Mangrove Ecosystem, Sundri, Mudskippers, Water Mo…

Human-Induced Disease

Lyme Disease, Dilution Effect Hypothesis, Mosquito Borne Disease, Dengue, Malaria, Asian Tiger Mosqu…

Generalised System of Preferences

USTR, World Trade Organization, Free Trade Agreement, Preferential Trade Agreement, Zero Tariff Impo…

Challenges with MSME classification

Udyam Registration Portal, RAMP, ASPIRE, Zero Defect Zero Effect Program, Annual Survey of Industrie…

Space Tourism

Sub-Orbital, Orbital, Karman Line, Space Democratization, Shared Resource, Reusable Module, UPSC


Meitei, Naga, Kuki-Zo, Free Movement Regime, Greater Nagaland, UPSC

India extends ban on LTTE

Unalwful Activities (Prevention) Act, Indian Peacekeeping Force, UAPA Tribunal, UPSC



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