Santhal Hul

Santhal, Santhal Hul, Santhal Pargana, Hul Diwas, Damin-i-Koh, Diku, 1770 famine in Bengal, Sidho, K…

Connection Between the Harappan and the Vedic Age

Indus Valley Civilization, Bronze Age, Surkotada, Ghagghar-Hakra river, UPSC

Gandhi vs Tagore

Santiniketan, Gandhi Punyaha Din, Swaraj, Chakra, Self-Reliance, Ahimsa, Bihar Earthquake 1934, UPSC

Mahatma Gandhi- The Peacemaker

Mahatma Gandhi, Peace, Non-violence, Ahimsa, Sarvodaya, Gandhi’s Experiments with Truth, World pea…

Assam’s Sattras

Politicians visit to different Sattras of Assam and praise the virtues of Sankardeva

Chauri Chaura Centenary

Non-cooperation movement, February 4 events, British response, Gandhi’s decision

Red Fort and Delhi - Symbols and Narratives of Power

Capital of Hindustan, Seat of Mughal power, From 18th century, post-independence scenario

Patharughat Peasants' Uprising

Government & local people paid respects to the martyrs of Patharughat incident.

Faridkot Ruler Property Dispute

A HC upheld women’s property rights in Faridkot Ruler Property case

Ashfaqullah Khan

UP to name a zoological garden after Ashfaqullah Khan



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