Changing Monsoonal Rainfall across India

Monsoon, Southwest Monsoon, Northeast Monsoon, Rainfall Distribution, Annual Precipitation, Off-shor…

Impact of Heatwaves on children

Heat wave, Children’s Climate Risk Index, CCRI report, International Day of Play, UN Convention on…

Women in Unincorporated Sectors

Unincorporated Sector, ASUSE, Annual Survey of Unincorporated Enterprises, Own Account Establishment…

Tajikistan’s Hijab Ban

Hijab, Hijab Ban, Tajikistan, Somonis, Secularism, Right to freedom of Religion, Article 25, Article…

Relevance of International Yoga Day for India

Yoga, International Yoga Day, June 21, UN, Cultural Diplomacy, Spiritual Legacy, Soft Power Diplomac…

Nalanda University

Nalanda University, Magadha, Kumaragupta, Pala dynasty, Dharma Gunj, Mountain of Truth, UNESCO World…

Culture and Civilisation

Culture, cultus, Civilisation, civis, Myth, Mythology, Harappa Civilisation, Jarawa Tribe, Red and B…

Water Crisis in Delhi

Carrier Lined Channel (CLC), Delhi Sub Branch (DSB), Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Hathnikund barrage, Uppe…

Connection Between the Harappan and the Vedic Age

Indus Valley Civilization, Bronze Age, Surkotada, Ghagghar-Hakra river, UPSC

Raising Heat Stress

Relative Humidity, Urban Heat Island, Heat Index, UPSC



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