The role of Arhatiyas in rural Punjab

Understanding Form A and Form B

Form A and Form B of national parties are often flawless and they are rejected only if they are submitted after the deadline.

Importance of State Government Budgets

Dadasaheb Phalke Award

Addressing Spikes in Onion Prices

Price stabilization and promotion of dehydrated onions will address the spike in onion prices in future.

Ban on Sex Normalisation Surgeries

Tamil Nadu government banned sex normalisation surgeries on intersex children

Bengal Famine

The Preventable Bengal Famine is not a tragic occurrence but an atrocity by the British government.

Life of Mugabe and Ruins of Zimbabwe

Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe passed away recently.

Changes in Australian Open

A plethora of changes were announced ahead of the Australian Open

West Bengal: Tribal community & Food Scarcity

A survey report has identified “food scarcity in varying degrees” in about 31% of tribal households in West Bengal