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Iran Israel Conflict

Periphery Doctrine, Islamic Revolution, Iran Iraq Accord, Natanz Nuclear Facility, Stuxnet Cyberatta…

Baloch - Pakistan Issue

Gwadar Port, Greater Balochistan, Majeed Brigade, Gwadar Port, New Great Game, Chabahar Port, UPSC

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Arakan Kingdom, Myanmar, 1982 Citizenship Law, Cox’s bazar UPSC

UNSC resolution on Gaza ceasefire

Arab Israeli War 1948, Armistice Agreement, Suez Crisis, Six Day War, Camp David Accord, Hamas, UPSC

Gaza and Haiti on the brink of famine

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, Operation Indravati, Integrated Food Security Phase C…

Pakistan's Airstrikes in Afghanistan

Durand Line, Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, Khyber Pass, Pashtun, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, UPSC

Hong Kong's Safeguarding National Security Bill

One Country Two Systems, Sino-British Joint Declaration, Special Administrative Region, Umbrella Rev…

WTO MC13 Agenda

Marrakesh Agreement, Ministerial Conference, General Council, Food Security, Investment Facilitation…

2 years of Russia-Ukraine War

Sea of Azov, Crimea,Donbass, Black Sea Grain Initiative, Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, Nord Stream Pip…

Challenges with Interpol Notices

Permanent Observer, National Central Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation, INTERPOL–United Nati…



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