Google’s New User Choice Billing (UCB) System

User Choice Billing (UCB) system, Competition Commission of India (CCI), Indian startups, App develo…

Pegasus Revelations - Need for Surveillance Reforms

Significance of the case, Government response, Surveillance challenges, Current laws, Flaws, Need fo…

Israeli Spyware Pegasus

Investigation report, Pegasus, Difference from other spywares, Devices and  information at risk, Pr…

SC Verdict on Delhi Assembly’s Committee Powers

Facebook case, Delhi Assembly’s Committee on Peace and Harmony, Court’s observations, Significan…

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy - Violations

Policy provisions, IT Ministry’s demand in the Court, Violations of IT Rules...

Big tech vs State - Social Media Platforms

Union Minister's charge against Twitter, Twitter's response, Transparency, Government's role

India still not ready to launch 5G

Parliamentary Panel thinks India may miss the 5G bus

Media Regulation - The starting point for self-regulation

Concerns in media regulation, Regulatory bodies at present, Need for in-house mechanisms

Humans are still core to Digital India - Intermediaries

Intermediaries - Role, Significance; Design of e-governance programmes - shortcomings, approach

The Antitrust Suit against Facebook

Charges against Facebook; Acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp; Facebook’s response



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