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The Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) is an academic journal which focuses on the social sciences. Its publication is conducted by the Sameeksha Trust and is a peer-reviewed academic journal. This magazine is published every week and covers all the social science subjects.

Economic and Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly is a leading Indian research journal which has been serving the academic community for over 50 years. The magazine provides a multi-disciplinary forum for critical engagement with the contemporary issues of India. It covers a wide range of social science disciplines including economics, Political Science, human science, and public policy.

EPW has become a global phenomenon over the past half century. With its wide range of contributors and readers, the magazine has presented a variety of research papers and informed commentary on some of the most important issues of the day.

Its authorship includes Nobel Laureates, government officials, political activists, and professors at the world's leading universities. In addition to scientific research, the magazine covers issues of sociology, culture, environment, and international relations. As a result, it has become a key source of information for researchers, academics, and students. Moreover, the magazine has helped launch the careers of many young writers.

Over the years, the Economic and Political Weekly has occupied a special place in the history of independent India. For more than five decades, it has served as a platform for discussions on issues of economics, politics, society, and the Environment. The Economic and Political Weekly carries limited advertisements. However, the magazine has a strong editorial base which supports "povertarian" economics.

EPW Monthly Magazine

EPW (Economic & Political Weekly) is a weekly magazine that publishes articles on political and economic issues. This publication has been in operation for more than five decades. The magazine's articles cover a variety of topics, including politics, culture, economics, ecology, and more. The magazine's articles are written by prominent public commentators, academics, and other researchers. It's a unique forum for cross-disciplinary exchange. Aside from its research, the Current Affairs Magazine also has debates on politics, Economics, culture, and the environment.

EPW's research output is complemented by a robust peer-review process. This means that articles that are published in the magazine are subject to rigorous scrutiny. And because EPW is a well-known publication, young social scientists and political activists frequently contribute to its pages. For over five decades, the journal has been a forum for bringing together leading scholars, politicians, and economic analysts in a variety of fields. Some of its most notable debates have included economics, politics, and religion.

EPW has had its share of financial difficulties. However, it never shirked from its editorial commitments. Despite its difficulties, it has never lost its reputation for being an important policy and social science journal. In fact, its influence has grown considerably. EPW also has the distinction of being the only magazine in the world that publishes both research articles and commentary on contemporary issues. This is due to its ability to attract a broad spectrum of readers looking for analysis of current events.

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