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Prelim Bits 17-12-2022 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

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December 17, 2022

Surya Kiran Exercise XVI

India and Nepal began the 16th edition of the joint military training exercise Surya Kiran.

  • The 'Surya Kiran' is a joint military exercise, conducted annually in Nepal and India.
  • In thus exercise, the army personnel of the two countries will also share each other's theoretical, practical, as well as special experiences.
  • The soldiers will put theoretical knowledge into practice in areas such as
  • Jungle warfare relating to counter-terrorism military skill
  • Disaster management
  • The exercise includes relief work and medical treatment as part of disaster management.
  • The 2022 Surya Kiran military exercises takes place at Saljhandi in the Rupandehi district of Lumbini Zone near the Nepal-India border.
  • The 15th edition of the joint exercise was held in 2021 at Pithoragarh, India.



Nepal shares a border of over 1,850 km with five Indian States—Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Nepal is a land-locked and relies heavily on India for the transportation of goods and services.

This exercise will enhance the level of defence cooperation which will further foster the bilateral relations between the two nations.


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Nupi Lal Day

The 83rd Nupi Lal Day was observed across Manipur and the state-level function was held at Nupi Lal Memorial Complex, Imphal.

  • The Manipur Government observes state-level Nupi Lal Day every December 12.
  • The day is observed to honour women who participated in the first and second Nupi Lal (Women’s War) uprising against the British rulers in 1904 and 1939 respectively.

First Nupi Lal - 1904

  • In 1904, Colonel Maxwell reintroduced the abolished Lallup System (where men were required to perform free labour for 10 days after every 30 days).
  • Manipuri women rose up in arms against the British Government’s order to use men as forced labour for the construction of an assistant political agent’s house in Imphal.

Second Nupi Lal - 1939

  • In 1939, thousands of women marched to the State Durbar Hall demanding a complete stoppage of the indiscriminate export of rice by the British rulers which resulted in a famine-like situation in the state.
  • Manipuri women agitated against the oppressive administrative and economic policies by the then Maharaja of Manipur and the political agent Mr. Gimson.


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Kerala's New GI Tags

Nine new items, including 5 agricultural products from Kerala have been given the coveted GI tag.

  • 5 Agricultural products from Kerala are given GI tags.
avara thuvara ellu vellaulli  vellari 
Attappady Attukombu Avara Attappady Thuvara Onattukara Ellu Kanthalloor-Vattavada Veluthulli Kodungalloor Pottuvellari  

Attappady Attukombu Avara

  • Attappady Attukombu Avara is a beans variety cultivated in the Attappady region of Palakkad.
  • It is curved like a goat’s horn and high in calcium, protein, and fibre content.
  • Its higher anthocyanin content which imparts violet colour in the stem and fruits.
  • Anthocyanin is helpful against cardiovascular diseases along with its antidiabetic properties.
  • The higher phenolic content imparts resistance against pest and diseases, making the crop suitable for organic cultivation.

Attappady Thuvara

  • Attappady Thuvara is a red gram, having seeds with white coat.
  • Attappady Thuvara seeds are bigger and have higher seed weight compared to other red grams.
  • This is rich in protein, carbohydrate, fibre, calcium and magnesium.

Onattukara Ellu

  • This sesame and its oil are famous for its unique health benefits.
  • Their relatively higher antioxidant content helps in fighting the free radicals, which destroy the body cells.
  • It is beneficial for heart patients due it’s the high content of unsaturated fat.

Kanthalloor-Vattavada Veluthulli

  • This is a garlic from the Kanthalloor-Vattavada area of Devikulam block panchayat in Idukki.
  • It contains higher amount of sulphides, flavonoids, and proteins.
  • It is rich in allicin, which is effective against microbial infections, blood sugar, cancer, cholesterol, heart diseases, and damages to blood vessels.
  • The garlic cultivated in this area is also rich in essential oil.

Kodungalloor Pottuvellari  

  • This snap melon is cultivated in Kodungalloor and parts of Ernakulam is consumed as juice and in other forms.
  • This snap melon harvested in summer is an excellent for quenching thirst.
  • Kodungalloor Pottuvellari contains high amount of Vitamin C.
  • Compared to other cucurbits, nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, fibre and fat content are also high in this.

Other New GI Tags

  • The gamocha of Assam, Tandur red gram of Telangana, Raktsey Karpo apricot of Ladakh and Alibag white onion of Maharashtra are the rest of 9 new GI tags.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are states with the highest number of GI tags, followed by Kerala (35), Uttar Pradesh (34), and Maharashtra (31).


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Kasturi Cotton

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to promote Kasturi cotton, an indigenous branded cotton.

  • The Kasturi cotton was launched in 2020 as a brand with a logo.
  • A unique brand identity for 'Kasturi' Indian cotton was created by highlighting its specifications-based benefits.
  • The Kasturi Cotton brand will represent Whiteness, Brightness, Softness, Purity, Luster, Uniqueness and Indianness.
  • Authorities - The Kasturi brand owned by the Ministry of Textiles is solely managed by TEXPROCIL on behalf of the trade and industry.
  • The other major cotton brands are the US PIMA and Egyptian Giza.


  • MoU - The Cotton Corporation of India Limited and TEXPROCIL has entered into an agreement for branding, traceability and certification of Kasturi cotton.
  • Branding the India’s Premium cotton, enhances the export opportunities.
  • The complete traceability details will be provided to the end user through a blockchain-based software platform.
  • Registration and transaction certificates will also be provided by using QR code based technology to validate 'Kasturi' cotton in the entire supply chain.
The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) is the apex body to promote exports of Indian Cotton textile products including raw cotton across the world.

The Cotton Corporation of India Limited is a public sector organisation in the sector to facilitate cotton production and supply.

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Group of Friends

India has launched the ‘Group of Friends’ to promote accountability for crimes against peacekeepers.

  • The ‘Group of friends’ was launched during India’s current presidency of the U.N. Security Council.
  • Co-chairs of the ‘Group of Friends’ - India, Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Morocco and Nepal.
  • Aim - To Promote Accountability for Crimes against Peacekeepers, seek facilitation of capacity building and technical assistance to the host state authorities.
  • Functions
    1. Actively engage and share information with the Secretary-General.
    2. Assist the member states hosting or have hosted peacekeeping operations, in bringing to justice the perpetrators of such acts.
  • For this, India will soon launch a database that will record all crimes against the Blue Helmets.
  • The Group of Friends will convene 2 meetings of its members per year, organise and host one event per year involving Permanent Missions and other stakeholders.
  • The Group will be convened and moderated by the co-chairs (Permanent Missions).

In the last 3 years alone, 68 peacekeepers belonging to 20 countries have lost lives for the cause of peace.

India, among the largest troop-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping, has lost 177 of its peacekeepers in the line of duty (by far the largest).

UN Peacekeeping helps countries torn by conflict create the conditions for lasting peace.

They are called ‘blue helmets’ and comprised of civilian, police and military personnel.


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