Emerging Technologies in Defence

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November 22, 2023

Why in news?

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cyber technology, etc. are vital for Indian military and defence organisations.

What is emerging technology?

  • Emerging technologies - It refers to innovative advancements or developments that have the potential to significantly change the way we live and work.
  • These technologies arise from cutting-edge research and offer new opportunities for industries, economies, and societies.


What steps were taken to use emerging technologies in Indian defence sector?

  • Chanakya Defence Dialogue- It was held in 2023 which serves as a forum to enhance national and regional security by discussing contemporary issues, including the impact of emerging technologies.
  • Integrated Unmanned Roadmap- It is a comprehensive plan for the development and deployment of unmanned systems in the Indian Navy that aims to achieve standardization, interoperability and jointness.
  • Project Swavlamban- It is an initiative to promote Atmanirbhar (self-reliance) in the defence sector by encouraging indigenisation of defence equipment and technology.
  • AIDef- Artificial Intelligence in Defence  is a symposium held in 2022 that showcased cutting edge AI enabled solutions developed by industry, start-ups etc.,
  • It includes Defence AI Council and Defence AI Project Agency that facilitates AI integration in defence.
  • Defence Cyber Agency- It was launched in 2018 to handle cyber security threats and to develop cyber warfare doctrine.
  • Defence Space Agency- It is responsible for operating space warfare and satellite intelligence assets of India.

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What are the challenges in utilising emerging technologies in India?

  • Financial crunch- India’s defence spending is around 2.1% of GDP, which is insufficient to meet the requirement of armed forces and the defence industry.
  • Lack of innovation- India invests very little in research and development in emerging technologies compared to its global leaders.
  • Poor governance- India’s defence acquisition and procurement system is plagued by delays, corruption and red tapism.
  • Outdated- The system is unable to cope with the fast paced and dynamic nature of emerging technologies, which require constant innovation and upgradation.
  • Lack of skills- India faces a brain drain of its talent to foreign countries and industries and faces shortage of skilled and qualified personnel in emerging technologies.
  • Inefficiency- India’s armed forces operate in silos and lack interoperability among themselves and with the civilian sector.
  • It hampers the effective integration and utilisation of emerging technologies, which require seamless coordination and collaboration across domains and platforms.
  • Lack of standardization- India lacks a clear and coherent strategic vision and doctrine for the use of emerging technologies in defence.
  • India has not articulated its objectives, priorities, and principles for the development and deployment of these technologies.
  • It has not defined its thresholds, norms, and rules of engagement for their employment in conflict scenarios.

What lies ahead?

  • Collaborative defence- India needs to foster jointness and interoperability among it selves and with the civilian sector, for effective utilisation of emerging technologies.
  • Transparency- India needs to reform its defence acquisition and procurement system to make it more agile, transparent, and efficient.
  • Disruptive Human Resource- India needs to improve its education system, create more opportunities for training and learning to retain and attract talent.
  • Doctrinal changes- India needs to articulate a clear and coherent strategic vision and doctrine for the use of emerging technologies in defence.
  • Promote investment- India needs to allocate more resources for R&D, especially in emerging technologies, to develop indigenous and cutting-edge capabilities.



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