Coordination of Ministries in boosting Tourism

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January 25, 2023

Why in news?

Government of India ministry other than the Tourism Ministry is taking initiatives to showcase India’s rich heritage using a ‘whole of government’ approach.

How about the picture of tourism in India?

  • For centuries many great foreign travellers have visited India and shared their experiences, as Megasthenes, Hiuen-Tsang, Marco Polo, and Fa-Hien have shown.
  • As the birthplace to four major world religions, i.e., Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, India can truly claim to be the world’s spiritual beacon.
  • Tourism happens to be one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for India.
  • India ranks 54th in the global Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) in 2021.


What about the inter-ministerial cooperation made so far?

  • The Ministry of Tourism coordinates its work effectively with over 20 central government Ministries in the promotion of tourism in India.




Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Home Affairs

National Conference on Tourist Police

To work with the police and sensitise them on addressing the needs of foreign and domestic tourists

Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Education

Yuva Tourism

To nurture young ambassadors of Indian tourism


Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways

Promotion of cruise tourism


To make India an attractive cruise tourism destination using state-of-the-art infrastructure

Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of External Affairs

Appointment of tourism officers

Tourism officers have been placed in 20 Indian missions in countries that contribute to the highest foreign tourist arrivals in India

Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Roadways + Ministry of Petroleum

Boosting the infrastructure

To ensure that highways and fuel stations have clean sanitation infrastructure

Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Civil Aviation

Enabling the viability of air routes

To fund several commercial flight routes and make them viable

Ministry of Tourism + Ministry of Railways

Jagannath Yatra train package

To provide opportunity for the devotees to relish centuries-old rich culture of Hindu religion in one go

What is the new draft National Tourism Policy 2022 about?

  • Vision - The vision of the policy is to transform our tourist destinations to provide world class visitor experience making India one of the topmost destinations for sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • Aim - The draft policy aims at improving framework conditions for tourism development, supporting tourism industries, strengthening tourism support functions and developing tourism sub-sectors.
  • The policy has been formulated taking into account future projections for the tourism sector with a vision for India@100.
  • It is architected around 6 key guiding principles, 5 national tourism missions and 8 strategic pillars.
  • Key Guiding Principles
    1. To promote sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism
    2. To promote digitalization, innovation and technology in tourism sector
    3. To follow a whole of Government approach
    4. Private sector led growth
    5. To promote Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
    6. To follow a destination centric and tourist centric approach
  • National Tourism Missions
    1. National Green Tourism Mission
    2. National Digital Tourism Mission
    3. Sectoral Mission on Skill Development
    4. National Mission on Destination Management
    5. National Mission on Tourism MSMEs

The Ministry of Tourism declaration of “Visit India Year 2023” aims to promote various tourism products and destinations to increase India’s share in the global tourism market.



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